curiousness strikes again..

what if if you mix up a drop of thin lube and a drop of thick lube, and you apply it into the bearing?
is it 50/50? (i mean 50% responsive & 50% less responsive?) ???

and another one…

Example you successfully cranked a Yomega Raider Yo-yo (i mean the Yo-yo wasn’t broken after you crank it.)


Is there a possibility that your Raider will be broken? (example you open your Yo-yo and then Lube it, or clean the bearing what ever etc.) i mean after you open the Yo-yo apart… and then you will crank it again, is there a possibility that the Yo-yo will be broken?..


For the mix, it really depends. Different orders can result differently, and also chance… Here are some of the possibilities.

Thick lube then Thin lube

  • Extremely responsive --> Sometimes, the bearing will be completely caked with lube, so it will be extremely responsive. Even if its thin lube, too much will cause responsiveness. This happens with too much of both/one.
  • Responsive --> The lubes probably cancelled each other out, so nothing really happens, but there is still a lot of lube in it, so its still responsive. This happens if you put BIG drops, but can also happen if you put normal drops.
  • Unresponsive --> This never happens for me, but like in Andre’s vid, the thick lube made it responsive, but the thin lube reversed that, so it made it unresponsive. This only works when there is very little lube. If the bearing is caked with lube, it will most likely be responsive. This will happen if you put like needle drops into the bearing.
    Thin lube then thick lube
  • Responsive --> This is what usually happens. The thin lube doesn’t do anything, but the thick lube makes it responsive.
  • Super responsive --> You put in waaaay too much thin/thick lube.

Thats my opinion, which i believe is the truth :wink:

Raider question:

Yes, when you crank the raider, there is always a chance of breaking it during the cranking. It probably won’t break if you open and close it AFTER you cranked it.

If you are cranking it again, if you do it right, it will get a smaller gap and still work. If you do it wrongly, it will break.

If you are inexperienced, cranking a raider can always break it.

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i agree with rsmod on the thick and thin lubing part but for raiders its quite easy to crank it but just take alot of strength and patiene and remember dont crank too much but if it is succesful it plays like a looping god lol…hmmm after you crank it and open it you no need to crank it again because the gap will turn smaller already when you twist your yoyo back…

Oh yeah Thick lube wont really work on raiders(i dunno why it wont work…)so its better to use petrolium jelly or brain lube…