Curious question about draupnir, valkyrie, and sigtyr

Hey guys my question goes as the title is. As a newbie I see these three constantly be looked for. I’m very curious what is the desire that always brings ppl to these three yoyos. An how rare are they?


Well, that is pretty simple—->

In order that you stated: the first one is really good… the second one is really good… and the third one is really good.

So, that is basically why…

And now, the Draupnir Overdrive is from the same tribe.

And it is really really really good.

Which should make choosing one even easier.



who said anything about choosing just one?


Who didn’t?


Lol I figured they weren’t bad but is there any specifics. I mean for example all yoyos made with good intentions and skill are going to be “good” but what makes these stand out?


me and my tip: always get as many yoyos as you can


The main thing that makes those three yo-yo stand out is directly related to the people throwing them.

All three you mentioned don’t necessarily stand out from the sea of all the great yo-yos there are to choose from.

All three of the yo-yos you mention are obviously top-flight yo-yos.

Sometimes how you view yours is directly based on what you have and what you have thrown or what you don’t have in your possession and you’ve never Thrown.

Sometimes perspective and perception and opinion all move on three separate curves and sometimes they intersect and sometimes they never do.

For example sometimes there’s two or three yo-yos that you have high regard for and you’re just amazed at how well they play for you. But then you get something else that completely turns your view upside down.

The instance for me personally, happened the other day when I got a Ti Krown in the Mail.

Everything that you don’t like in a yo-yo design.
C3yoyodesign decided to not include in the Ti Krown.

It is so amazing it makes me see the small things I don’t like in other yoyos.

But, regardless, the 3 yoyos you named just check most of the higher performance boxes from slightly different angles.

They are all yoyos that will instantly make you smile when you start throwing them.


Frankly speaking, even tho they were released around 7 years ago, they still play better than many newer bimetal yoyos to date. This is why people always say, “good yoyo is still good yoyo, no matter what era”. These are the type of yoyo that will make you think, “This is a good da*n yoyo, the price is worth it!!”

Draupnir, Sigtyr, and Valkyrie have completely different feel between each other. But somehow, they complement each other disadvantage in terms of speed, solid/floaty feel, and stability aspect. I have to say, they are YYR’s masterpiece bimetal models (along with OVD Draupnir, which is magnificent!).


That makes sense I’m sure it’s all very personal taste and perspective. I didn’t realize it was 7 years ago for each of them. That’s pretty interesting they stand the test of time. I appreciate u guys both educating me on something I been wondering about. Thank you!!

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Not all 3 were released in 2013. Draupnir in 2013, Valkyrie in 2015. Not sure about sigtyr, but it was released after Draupnir and Valkyrie.


Gotcha, thanks for the update

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Do yourself a favor, don’t get one. It will spoil you, and you’ll end up comparing your others to it because it’s so freaking good. Problem is you’ll soon realize most other throws just can’t compete with these particular yoyos you named. It’s like taking a Lamborghini or a Bentley out for a drive, then coming back to your Honda Accord. Now your Honda Accord is reliable, dependable, stable, but it will never be a Lamborghini or Bentley. I’m kidding about not getting one, but the rest was true for me for quite some time. Finally I decided to have the same attitude about yoyos as I TRY to have about people, and that is accept them for whatever they are, and whatever they are not. I dropped my expectations and let each of my throws be whatever that are. No expectations, no disappointments. ;]


there is a difference, some yoyos are ment for competing, and some are ment for playing everyday. if you use a fun yoyo for competing, prob wont hold up for some of your longer tricks, and if you use a competing yoyo as your everyday throw, it will be too powerful, and might even hurt your hand after binding, but more likely, you just wont enjoy throwing as much as if you used the proper yoyo for what they are intended to be used for

Like in your example, if you used a lamborgini everyday, first week it might be fun, but as time passes, you will get tired of it, and you definetly dont want to bring it out into the wild where you can ding it up.

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