my favourite trick.
is not as popular anymore.  :-
I love the visual effects for some reason

Wait, why are we talking about ponies cutting eachother up?

lol, seriously though, i like that trick :slight_smile:

Uh what

Very nice bro! The visual effect made it more difficult to see but It was kinda cool at the same time. But still very awesome trick, maybe Ill get that trick a try!

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thanks :smiley:

I knew someone would post something like that when i read the title.

Why must that CHOPstick trick be such a SHARP looking trick?

Exactly. BREAKaway is really CUTTINGedge

Ignoring the silliness, Cupcakes is one of my favorite repeaters, and I have been trying to hit it behind my back with some semblance of flow lately.

Oh, and I’d ditch the filters, they are distracting and obscuring. In my opinion.

behind the back’s hard i’ve tried