Cubing Corner


Any cubers around?

As of aug 14th: 40 seconds 3x3 record, 57 average


I’m not that good, but I try. :stuck_out_tongue: I can solve a 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4.


same. averages?

2x2:30 seconds


4x4: i dont wanna know. its slow


For a 3x3 about 1:45 average, maybe.


I can solve a 3x3 in a little under 2 minutes


I can solve a 3x3 in a little under 2 hours lol :stuck_out_tongue:


3x3. a year ago, it was abut 1:22, but now probably about 5 minutes.


I know i guy that can solve the 3x3 in about 10-15 seconds… He is a pro!!

Meanwhile i can solve a side in about 1:30


just got my shen eng FII 3x3 :slight_smile: super fast, i cant control it…


new average with my f2: 1:18.

best: 58 seconds with an oll skip


V slow solve, failed f2l


i did a 54 second, but then i had a timer fail and it turned into 1:04…




2x2 18 seconds
3x3 50
4x4 N/A I don’t time my solves for this. I have a Rubik’s brand one and it turns horribly. I’ll time some when I get a decent one.

(JayVee) #15

I average about 50 seconds with a 3x3, with ~43 seconds as probably my fastest. I don’t know my 4x4 time since my cube is terrible. My 5x5 I can unscramble in about 5 minutes or so if I don’t get any parity errors, approx. 8 minutes or more if I fail.


my 2x2 average has dropped, 15 seconds.

3x3 about 1:10 i just timed, and im being mocked. 1:01.09 RAWRG

4x4 still not timing. i dont even remember edge parity


2x2 average about 12 seconds, 3x3 average about 54 seconds, 4x4, dropping, but not timing.


45 second 3x3 average now :slight_smile:


I have a 3x3 and I’d really like to learn. Any resources?


yeah! ill give you the BEST tutorial out there, agreed upon by most of the cubing community.

its a half hour long, but its the best there is!

that is a simple method for new cubers. on his channel, there are more complex ways that are faster, but harder to learn for new cubers. so, stick with the beginner method till your time is down to about a 2 minute average :smiley: