crossthreaded yuuksta..

Hey guys, I just ordered a G6 and a yuuksta from this site. My yuuksta came messed up. I took it outta the box and put stringing it. (without taking it apart) first throw I noticed it had a severe wobble, someone in the factory cross-threaded it, you can see the gap between the bearing
And the other half where it is threaded crooked… I’m really bummed, because it is unplayable. I have made many orders from YYE and they all were perfect. Has anyone heard of something like this happening? What should I do?

Try contacting YYE or YYF.

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You should have contacted YYE via phone or email before posting this to the forum. This is a private matter that should have been handled privately first.

YYE’s customer service is great and they’ll do what they can to take care of you. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to a response, but considering they may have a high volume of emails, it’s more than acceptable.

If you wanted to, at the same time, contact YYF in regards to the same issue. I find sometimes it is best to handle this with a multi-angle approach.

I had an issue with a YYJ product I purchased from YYE. I send a polite email to both YYE and YYJ regarding the problem and was able to get resolve within 10 days. as YYJ shipped replacement parts. YYJ took up the issue on their own. I chose to keep YYE in the loop as to how things were resolved.

So, all I can say is I like YYE and I like YYJ from both a product perspective and customer service perspective.

Thank you, you are right. I thought about that right after I posted that, that maybe it was inappropriate to post this(sorry YYE!!). It IS a private matter I don’t know how to remove it tho… I just wanted advice and I don’t know anyone oR anywhere else to ask… I’m really bummed out about this cause I really like this throw. I did send them a very polite email. I really hope it is resolved. Thanks for your advice.
P.s MODERATORS if you feel this is inappropriate feel free to remove it.

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I know I keep saying G6 on accident. LOL. stupid song… Lol

YYF’s amazing quality control strikes again!

Yea, but they are replacing it without complaint or argument so its all good. It just kinda sucks that I gotta wait an extra two weeks to try out my new Yoyo. The kicker is I paid the 26 bucks for overnight shipping. Lol. That REALLY sucks. YYExpert has been totally awesome through all this. They take great care of their customers.

I received my replacement yuuksta in the mail today from YYE, (YYF didn’t even bother to respond to my emails). It came in perfect brand new condition with stickers and other goodies, lol. It only took five days to get it from when I sent them the first email informing them of the issue. Now that’s customer service!! Let it be known to everyone that YYE takes care of their customers!! Absolutely GREAT customer service.
Thanks YYE!

in all honesty, yye is the best. i had an issue with a zen5. they replaced it no questions asked. and they held the last aqua dv888 for me (which is now black n’ yellow cuz it was so beat it may as well have been silver)