Crocostrings official thread!


My types of strings!

  1. A very very whippy polyester string called “Cat O’ nine tails” because of the whip of the same name. The cat o’ nine tails is a kind of whip used throughout history. I will call this string “Cat tails” because its original name is quite long.

  2. A thicker version of “Cat o’ nine tails” called “Fat cat o’ nine tails”. Again, I will call this string “Fat cat tails” because of its long original name.

  3. A super soft nylon string called “Fantasy chords” because they are so soft that you will feel as if you are in a fantasy when you are using them.

4.A soft polyester/nylon blend called “Marshmallows” because just like marshallows, these strings are cheap to buy, and are so yummy! They are also soft like a marshmallow.

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I’m curious about these fantasy chords. Tell me more, thickness, slacks, etc.


They are a regular thickness, and bind great. They dont snag at all. They slack quite well, with big loops. They hold tension quite well too. They dont whip that well, but they can still land brent stoles and hooks easily. They are SO soft! 5$ a ten pack, and worth it. Reviews of all of my strings should start coming soon, so if you want other people’s opinions you can wait for them.

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What’s your current color spectrum?

What’s the cost difference between Marshmallows and the rest?

They still offer top notch performance, right?


All of them, yes. More answers will be answered in my bst thread (very soon).


Can’t wait to try your strings out! When are you sending the samples out?


All packs are ready. I just need to take some pictures. I’ll try to send out tomorow or the next. Hope you enjoy!


All test packs on the way! Should be there in 3 or 4 buisness days.


Ive gotten some good feedback from some of my testers. I’m really happy about that.


Crocostrings now has an instagram! Under the name “crocostrings”. Go follow!


The first review came in! Link in the original post.

Not 1 person followed the instagram… Haha.


Then I shall step in to be the first! Haha :wink:


Haha thank you!


If you have any questions about anything (crocostrings related) , feel free to ask


Greg P’s review is up!

Check it out!


Noonars review!

Check it out!


I have yet to try their strings, but, I have to pass on the fact that my communications with Crocostrings had been prompt and friendly and informative.


Added “fat fantasy chords” due to popular request.


GoCrazyForYoyo’s review!


I’m pretty sure I got cat tails or fat cat tails. I love it. It’s VERY whippy (like in the description) and my favorite thing about it is that it retains it’s shape through play. I like that i can feel the ridged on the string when it’s new, and I can feel it when it’s old. The only way you can tell that the string is old is when it starts losing the ability to hold tension. It doesn’t even fray. This might be different for those who use this string for a really long time without changing it out. The only problem I have with it is that making slipknots are really hard because if you cut the string, it starts to unwind really fast. The slipknot also falls off my finger easily but this can be fixed by creating artificial tension and “rolling” the string onto your finger. As the string gets older, the tension inside it is greater so after a certain point you don’t even have to worry about it falling off your finger. Overall it’s really good and I would recommend it to anybody.