I find it usually during late nights.
What about you guys?

Yeah basically at like 2am or later is when it hits me.

Same here lol

Yes, and then I usually come to my senses in the cold, gray light of the dawn.

Whenever I get a new yoyo or throw something I haven’t thrown in a while. I don’t know why but it just works out that way.

In the blue hour of the day
Lights off, dark, though its time to play.
Melodic trance through the stereo, ambient,
The last minutes of the sun before its down, transient
Through the darkness of the blue, the expression through the strings
muscle,string,metal working in harmony, it sings
Not being anybody, only being myself, My Moment, my Place in time
Originality, Be me, impersonating others would be a crime
The blue hour, the freedom of the string, the sound of the bass
You know it fits my taste
Fade away, Away, my own world in which I play
The escape from stresses I go through everyday
The blue hour, though the things of the world might pass away
Count on it being there forever and day.
Ambient sounds from the stereo speaker
Play hard till your hands get sore and weaker
Last seconds of the sun, going down, absence of light.
The metal on string, putting up the good fight.
The blue hours gone, but I don’t despair,
cause I know that when tomorrow comes, Its gonna be there.

the blue hour.


Hits me at random times throughout the day. Sometimes 3AM, sometimes 7PM.