Crazy suicides

If you like suicides, check this out!

She has only practiced for two months and is landing chopstick suicides along with all kinds of other stuff!


Already so much better than me! LOL! Ah, kids and their ability to learn new things…

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I’ve only done suicides for less than a week though :slight_smile:

Well, you’re doing fantastic. :wink: No disrespect meant with the term “kids” by the way. I’m more making fun of myself for being an old guy.

My suicides are for lack of a better word, “terrible”. And certainly chopsticks suicides are far away for me, indeed!

Haha, thanks! No worries! :slight_smile:

Very good Dea!

Also, very nice choice of a yoyo :wink:

Uhh, wow.

Wish I could land suicides in a couple months. :-X

Haha, she actually landed the suicides on the same day that she tried them for the first time!


Awesome stuff! That behind the back suicide is especially difficult.
Next Luo Yi Cheng here!
Thanks for sharing!

A non- yoyoer would be very confused and maybe even disturbed by the title of this thread.

that is some awesome stuff! way better then my suicides. keep it up!


Thank you!
I can tell you that I was quite confused by the name aswell, I don’t speak yoyo yet!

The title is quite accurate. Those were some crazy suicides! And only two months in too!


Thank you very much!


Oh, I started to practise on the Yuuki Slack yesterday night, and landed my first one today!
Have now after 2 more hours also landed the double version (or whatever it’s called), where you go again with the slacks when you get back to double or nothing!


OK, Dea… you’re in gymnastics… you probably have a competitive nature… I suggest you sign up for the next contest. :wink: By the time that rolls around, you’re going to be a master!

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Sounds like you’ve got a real knack for those slacks, whips and suicides. Ryousuke Iwasawa better watch out. His ‘Laceration Master’ title might be under threat very soon.


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Or Meowcolm
His stuff is stupendous…

Woah,… Ima report this because I’m so jealous. YOUR CRAZY GOOD! First time I attempted a suicide, I slapped the string into the gap and it came up and hit me :stuck_out_tongue: lol Your off to an awesome start! Wouldn’t be surprised if you became the top girl player in a few months :slight_smile:

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Sweet! :slight_smile: I love me some suicides!

Haha, I’m in the circus, have never competed in my life… Don’t think I’ll be mentally ready for the next contest, maybe the year after, haha… :smiley: