Couple Of Throws Questions about the differences.

Please! Do not tell me its about preferences, tell me your preference and why you like the throw.
Dv888,888,DNA, Or Mutant DNA,Avante Garde

Please Have one yoyo from the list. like below,

Stability: ?/10
Spin Time with Reg Throw: ?/10
Spin Time with Breakaway: ?/10
(^^BTW with tricks the spin time ^^)
Noisy: ?/10
Used Mainly For: (EXAMPLE: Grinds, Lacerations)

ratings are hard numbers but are still subjective, but Ill give you my take on the 888x

this yoyo is pretty good… in my opinion, its not what its hyped up to be, or worth 100 bucks, but its pretty good

stability can be unforgiving if you are a novice, so make sure you keep it straight (just to humor you, stability is 6/10)

spin times I get with it, regardless of sleeper, breakaway or while doing standard string tricks are a little longer than 2 minutes, this will vary depending on the users ability.

nothing notable about the noise, other than the hubstacks add a little and will continue to spin after youve caught your yoyo

in the past it has proven very popular for many uses including competitions, collections, is often a first metal or first hubstack yoyo