Couple of bearing questions- please

I have a Fast 201, maybe 10 years old with a lot of play. I looked at cleaning the bearing. The bearing looks like a three piece pressed fit bearing. Can this bearing be taken apart and cleaned?
I also have a couple of plastic Duncan Freehand s that could use a bearing cleaning. After looking at one of the bearings , I could not find a retaining clip for the shield. Is this another pressed fit bearing?
Can it be taking apart for cleaning? BTW this is my first post. I think this is a great forum and I have learned a lot so far, just from reading the older post. Thanks. tim


You can clean/take apart all bearings. You’d have to deshield it in order to clean it, but it’s not very hard.

yea, i have a similar problem where i can’t find the edges of the C-clip in the bearing in my Xodus 2.

here is a picture if the bearings in question. The big bearing(one on the right) is the fast 201 bearing. I soaked it in  70% alcohol over night and with small pliers and a knife blade I can not get the spacers out of the bearing.

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Yes, clean the bearing. You are cleaning a YYF Small Bearing in your Fast 201, just a fact. The video posted above is a good way to learn how to do it.

I believe that the shields of the FAST 201’s bearing comes off with the spacers.

finally got the 201 bearing apart. The spacers were just stuck to the inner race. It is a stand bearing with a clip and a shield.

Never ever do this!!! If you look at the ingredients in that bottle of alcohol, it says it contains water. Now, this would normally not hurt anything if you cleaned it and dried it then lubed it within an hour or so. But leaving them in that crap over night is asking for rust. Trust me, I’ve done it a long time ago. Killed a bearing. I was a noob then. Mid 2004 or so. Use mineral spirits, Zippo or charcoal lighter fluid works good too. these DO NOT  contain water and you can forget them for years if you want. It won’t hurt them at all.

just cought your reply. Thanks for the heads up. tim

Try this: