Need to clean a bearing

Hey guys! Never cleaned a bearing before and need help! It’s the bearing that comes in the Crucial All You Can Eat. Dunno it’s exact name or type. It’d be great if you guys could tell me how to clean a bearing, what I could clean it with, or just out up a link to a reliable video. You can pm me with advice if it’s easier for you, too. Thanks!

List of useful modification and maintenance guides

thank you so much, jhb!

Best guide ever :).

So just to be clear: I DON’T need to put the clips or shields back on once I’m done cleaning and the bearing’ll perform the same??

Yes - the shields are optional. It’s a matter of preference to put them back or not. Some people feel they keep the bearing clean, others say it makes no difference.

and do I have to put the clips back on? I don’t right?

No, the clips are only used to hold the shields on.

ok thank you so much, jhb!

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I personally keep em’ off. It’s easier to lube since I use the Dip Touch method.

yeah I can see that it would be, but it was my first bearing cleaning, an I wanted to see if I could deconstruct and reconstruct a bearing… For future reference.

Take’em off once, put’em back on once… you’ll have the skill mastered! Take them off again one more time if you think that suits you better.

I’ve gone back and forth; mainly I keep them on because god forbid one day I decide that I’m going to be a shielded bearings purist (could happen!) and I’d have to try to find all my shields and clips. Easier to just put’em back on so I don’t have to store them for later. :wink: