Bearing shields.


When it comes to bearings shield and cleaning do I need to remove both shields on either side if or can i just have one side? And does leaving the shield(s) on/off hinder play? Any advice would be great.


Better to take both shields off so that debris and gunk can get properly flushed through when the bearing is in your solvent.

As for putting them back on… I will do it sometimes (Dif shields say “Dif”, so I can identify my genuine KKs) but generally I don’t bother anymore. It won’t affect performance either way. In some cases it MAY help prevent debris from getting in for a longer time, but in practice I haven’t really found this to be the case.

Cleaning is easy and quick anyhow. Quicker and easier if you just keep the shields off. :wink:


It’s better to take both sides of the shields off. That way no debris can get stuck in the bearing.

Leaving them on for play won’t affect it at all. The shields actually help keep crap out of the bearing.

Always make sure to blow out the bearing with compressed air if you can. If not just really blow hard into both sides of the bearing and let it sit for at least 12 hours so whatever you’ve used to clean the bearing will dry off.

When I clean my bearings I put it on the end of a pencil and spin it while I blow air into it and do that for both sides.

What are you using for a cleaner?


Lighter fluid.


I use lighter fluid as well and it’s always worked great for me.

And I personally think it’s better to just leaving the bearing shields off because sometime, they are a real hassle to get off. I’ve had a few times when I just couldn’t get the shield off and just gave up after like 30 minutes of trying. They’re just better to leave off to save on the hassle and stress and plus it makes cleaning a quicker process. :wink:


Yeah. I kind of mangled one of the shields trying to get it off. So I won’t be putting them back on. But it was my first attempt at trying to take them off.

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It’s best to always remove the shields before cleaning. Those that suggest cleaning the bearing with the shields on, are more prone to showering fully clothed as well. :wink:

Isn’t a messed up shield like 7 years bad luck? ???


Oh god I hope not!!! :slight_smile: