Shielded or Deshielded?

How do you like yours? I prefer my bearings to be shielded, just because they keep the lube in.
What about you?



I play my bearings with no shields on. I only leave the shields on until I clean then bearing and then they come off and stay off. Also I play them dry and clean with acetone.

I think the shields are merely there as a normal method of keeping contaminants OUT. In a yoyo, I wonder how effective this can be though as my son’s Protostar got gunked up with hair when playing his at a barber college. I mean, that was a major pain in the butt to remove the spacers, then the shields ot discover the hair in there. I removed the hair and it played just fine without cleaning. Yes, I re-shielded it.

I prefer to have the shields in. That’s just how I prefer it. I don’t see how the shields are really going to keep lube in as it can leak out the inner portion rather easily. I like having the shields on, that’s my preference.

Maybe the lube staying in is just my imagination, but i like shields on because excess flowable gets in my unshielded bearings all the time

I like having one on and one off cause i’m weird like that

Regardless, you need to clear out the excess flowable from your bearing seat and recess the silicone before it really starts to cure. It’s part of doing proper maintenance.

It’s not weird, I do it to. Keeps some dirt out, but is also easy to clean.

Whelp, I take the shields off of all the bearings I have, and I hardly ever clean or lube bearings. They just work. Also, it’s good to clean up excess silicone; that can wreck your day pretty bad.

I keep my shields off for this reason. I’ve had some bearings just totally lock up in the past and they were clean, lightly lubed and shielded. I prefer to keep the shields off so I can just drop the bearing in cleaner and be done with it. I know some people keep one on one off but if you think about it the best way to remove debris in the bearing is to have them both off and allow the cleaner to flush the bearing clean. I haven’t had any problems with the shields off.

Your yo-yo spins 3 times longer with the shields off. Just saying.

I keep mine on until it’s time to clean them. Then I leave them off because it’s too much of a pain to get them back on. I don’t find it effects play either way though. With them off I have to be more attentive with checking for dirt and cleaning more regularly. But as a tinkerer, which probably 80% of us are, cleaning a bearing is sort of fun.
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Do you have any evidence to support that claim? It seems to me that if this were actually true everybody would just play with their shields off.

I’ve been at this for quite some time and honestly I’ve never noticed a difference. I only keep my shields off because half of the time the c-clip flies into another dimension and the other half I honestly don’t want to bother…I just want to throw. But I think that since the dawn of the bearing yoyo if it made a difference we would see all unshielded bearings by now.

He’s trolling. Ignore him.

Good thing he’s banned. He’s a troll and removing shields does absolutely nothing for spin time.

I use mine deshielded since it is more convenient to clean, and I think mine spins faster and/or longer than with the shields.

I like mine dry and unshielded unless it’s one of my terrapins. Then I don’t mess with’em at all. What is trolling?

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Meaning if it’s terrapin don’t mess with perfection, unless somehow some grit gets in there. Even then John is known to be very willing to look at it and tell you what the issue is. Best thing is you can just place the bearing in the middle of a set of triangulated tethered cell phones on a microwave wrapped in tin foil with a car antenna drilled into the side (to activate the FJH signal) and he can examine them remotely from his lab.
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