Counterweight with 9 Dragons?


Has anyone tried this?


thats illegal ;D :smiley: ;D


Had wondered about trying this, only oddball counterweight I’ve tried so far is on the Flea which was crazy in its own ways :slight_smile:


It’s pretty fun. I’ve gotten the dice to regenerate around the held yo-yo before.

(InvaderDust) #5

14A? ok now its getting crazy


How about the Flea as a counterweight for the 9 Dragons?! ;D


I hate having strings on my fingers. I put counterweights on everything


^^^Such a good comic.


Just remember how bright that idea wasnt; the first time you miss and smack yourself in the back of the hand or in the head with a metal flea.

And even though you can do anything you want to; there is ‘old accepted information about the ratio of Yoyo to counterweight’.

Waaaaaay back in the Freehand/counterweight days; I was told that the Yoyo to counterweight weight ratio should ideally be approximately 7 to 1.

The Dragon weighs 82 grams. The Flea weighs over 40+ grams. At best; reducing that ratio to 2 to 1.

If you made a power adjustment to get that Flea counterweight to move much faster; the first time it hit you ‘anywhere’ would not only be a moment to remember but a moment very hard to forget.



I kno right


I thought it was such a good idea, too! :frowning: ::slight_smile:

You’ve crushed my hopes and dreams, but my knuckles and skull have been spared. ;D

I gave you a thank you, because I thought you were saying I was funny! Haha. :-[