Counter weights

Made a counter weight any other things I could make it out of

I use to use 2 standard dice. Honestly it is only limited to your imagination.

What one for 5A.
Sorry for dirty carpet

Which ever one you think plays better.

I’d go for something full sized

What like board game dice

Any good bead shop will sell counterweights, as they are just large beads. I find sphere, to hurt more on strikes as they are like hitting the corner of a counterweight every hit. However a super ball will be fine. You can make the super ball last longer by installing a small straw in the hole. That way the string doesn’t rip through it. Any rate hit up a good bead store. I prefer Duncan dice hung flat too all other counterweights.

Yep, drilled through 2 of them and used that. Not perfect but if you just have them laying around it works good enough.