Counter Weights

Are all counter weights the same. Or are some better than others

Well the main difference is the material which affects weight. The all metal skull bones counter weight is pretty heavy and can hurt when it hits you by accident. The rubber ball ones are softer and it feels lighter.

There are also the dice ones that seems perfect in weight.

But nothing is better than another, it’s just what you prefer.

actualy YYJ is suppose to be comming up with a bearingized CW that keeps perfect string tension always

It’s also worth mentioning that the 3 Duncan rubber balls are different weights. Blue is the lightest, then red, then yellow. I personally find every Duncan counterweight to be too light, except for the yellow ball, which is by far my favorite.

hey patrick, now thatyou mention it, I was bored one day and decided to tare apart my duncan bouncie balls when i saw the core of a blue ball, their was nothing but plastic, but when i tore apart my yellow one, their was a small metal ring around the core of the CW

i would PM jake elliot for a bearingied CW, their bound to be cheaper than yoyojam’s bearing counterweight, and hey can make them out of more than one material, he would be the guy to talk to