Counter Attack?

Been looking into the Counter Attack throw, since it’s based off the general idea of the PGM, only without stacks. Love the feel of the PGM, so I figured I’d love the CA, any comments on this throw? Is it worse or just as good as PGM or any other throw around $30? Floaty at all?

I absolutely love the Counter Attack. It is far superior to the PGM, and comes with a CT (which everyone knows is amazing). Even though the Protostar and Northstar are in the close price range, I actually like the CA much more. I say totally get it

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I’m a proud counterattack owner myself, and I think it’s stability rocks the socks off the Protostar. It does feel pretty heavy though so that may turn away some of the floaty seekers, but the sleep time is amazing.

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Yes same here.

The counter attack was my first unresponsive throw.
If you don’t like the response you can throw in some silicone.
Although, it doesn’t really float at all.

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Awesome, wasn’t really looking for floaty so no worries there. Most likely order one within a week or two now. :slight_smile: