Counter Attack

Why has the Counter Attack disappeared from the yoyoexpert store?
(p.s. I have not been yoyoing/visiting yoyoexpert for the past 7-8 months, so a lot has changed, so right now, I am trying to make myself in sync with the present)

I guess they’re just out of stock and Andre doesn’t plan on getting any more.

Or they didn’t sell well and they were discontinued. Maybe.

Now yoyoexpert has Protostars its basically the same shape and style as the Counter Attack

Contacted YYF a long time ago about this. They are making another run, and when that happens, YYE will restock. For now, they’re discontinued.

That’s kinda sad cause I never got to try the counter attack

Counter Attack certainly isn’t done!
We have been upgrading elements of all our 1st year death to metal releases and hope to have Counter Attack back early 2011 ;D

Advice for all posters, if you need to say ‘maybe’ after a post, it probably isn’t worth posting!

Sweet! I’m so getting one!

(Maybe) ;D ;D

Except completly different?