counter attack: lost legend

anybody els miss the counter attack?
i really want one but theres non left any where.
i liked it because it had the grind machine shape but with more rim weight and no stacks, its was an amazing poket throw. that yoyo that you could bring anywhere and play in front of random poeple on the street with and if it hit the ground it wouldnt matter, it would take the blows and keep going.
it truly was a revolutionary yoyo, it was the first with a centertrack (like a test if if you will to see how it would perform) it was the first full production yoyo with the metal weight rim and that round hub setup so there’d as little center weight as pissible to maximize spin. its was one of my favorite yoyos and now im disapointed that we will probibly never see it in production again.
if you liked it or not you have to admit it was the yoyo that really fathered the modern plastics today, giving them a completely unreasponsive bearing and and more rim weight distrabution making it 10x more durable, also showing modern plastic that would absorb the blow of the grown in the form of scuffs and scratchs but never really brake, it was a tank and i hope to god we see it more in the years to come.

Fathered modern plastics? Ha. I think not. There were a lot more advanced plastic yo’s a few years ago.
Metal weight rings have been in plastic yoyo’s for a long time. I mean a LOONG time. This is just a pgm with weight rings. The CT is just a bearing.

Also as far as it being a pocket throw? You must have some BIG pockets.

Ya, I would have to agree w/ Icthus on this one. YYJ was in the metal rim business way before the counter attack and the way they are distributing the metal rims now on throws like the Phenomizm is thinking a little more outside the box than the counter attack. Now I’m not saying its a bad yoyo, but in no way is it a “legend”.

oh ok i see the breakdown in communication hear. when i said metal rim weight i meant the metal ring, not the whole rim. thats why i said it was the first, first to have the metal ring. the reason i think its better is because when a plastic rim hits the ground it scuffs and scratches rather to a metal ringed yyj plastic it dings and dents which affects play alot more. although performance wise (when mint) that may be better in the long run for a preferred street performer yoyoer like my self where most of the time im using a beat up yoyo with worn down responses and a week old fuzzy string. so for a person who seas it more as a fun hobby and passion rather then an over the top extreme sport, ill take the counter attack over all the old yoyojam bi-metals anyday

I must agree with Mike and Icthus. Its not really a “legend” but i do miss it. Its a beast 5a throw.

not trying to put yyj bi-metals down, cuz i love them dont get me wrong but for someone like me i prefer a yoyo that can go through all types of weather and abuse of constant playing and keep spinning, not that yyj’s cant i just prefer the counterattack.

the reason i called it a lost legend is because of what it brought to the table, it was before its time.

Still, not really true. The Element X by Buzz-on had metal rings in the same kind of fashion as the Counter Attack and was out years earlier

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Minusmike is right as always…

Don’t wanna stroke your ego too much there Mikey <3 :slight_smile:

Counter Attack is available still in many markets and will be back in USA stores 2011 ;D

the clear with red was the coolest i wish i had 1 :frowning:

The counter attack is a pgm shaped and very similar to the protostar

Yep, Buzz-on had a number of yoyos w/metal rings in them. And guess what…

So did Yomega with the Hyperwarp Heavy Wing. And Spintastics, with the Eclipse. Both of which predate the Buzz-on series by a bit. I’m sure there are others that just don’t come to mind at the moment. And then there’s always the wooden TK RD1&2 series that also had metal ring inserts.

You kids just have to catch up on yoyo history.

I am lovin’ this man today.

Jhb got what I was remembering but neglected to mention the Fast 201 as well. May have been after the yomega and spintastics stuff but befor buzz-on I think.

Yes, I forgot the metal ring under the 201 caps. Actually most Spintastic models had that as well, including the Eclipse. That one has a double or triple dose of weight if you use the rubber rings too.

Remind me to slap you in the mouth next time you are on Skype LOL!

I went w/ Buzz-On on this one because its structure is kind of close to the C/A. There are a butt load of throws that would be a great comparison in this situation.

Here’s a few pix and comments for historical reference…

Yomega Hypewarp Heavy Wing and Spintastics Eclipse with external metal weight rings

HWHW & Eclipse

Spintastics Maelstrom and Buzz-on Bootleg (Image courtesy of YoyoWiki), both with internal metal rings.

The Maelstrom pic shows the internal 10 gauge steel ring that was standard in most all Spintastics models, as well as the optional rubber ring for more weight. The Eclipse pic shows the external brass ring around the cap. Under the caps there is also room for the steel ring and the rubber ring. Fully loaded it goes to 84 grams.

The Bootleg is a Spintastics body with the same internal metal weight rings as used in the Spintastics models. Early Buzz-on models all used Spintastics shells. He later went on to use his own designed shells as in the Element X.

So there’s a short bit on metal weight rings in yoyos (aside from YYJ).

Also, as a side note, Johnnie Delvalle (JD) designed the Spintastics bug caps on the Eclipse and the Maelstrom shown above.