Counter Attack or Die Nasty


I have heard mixed reviews of both and wanted to ask what was your experience with either one. did it have problems, was it really good, etc. And I know its all preference blah blah blah and I know I would like them both so its just a question of if either one has alot of issues.

(Mitch) #2

I had a rough start with my Die-Nasty… I got bad sleep times, unsmooth play, ect… Then all the sudden it turned around… It was my main 5A player till I broke it lol…
Check my review


you mentioned you thought it may be bead blasted, but the texture is actually on the mold, same with the PGM and Counter Attack.

that review sealed the deal for me unless the CA is amazingly amazing lol, i was leaning toward the die nasty anyway

(Mitch) #4

Thanks for clearing that up…

Im sure you’ll enjoy it…