So as I got up for football practice at 6:30 I realized that in thirty minutes that the new YYJ Surge was going to be released, so I had time to kill and I watched the countdown go down to zero, and bought the Surge and a yo-life t-shirt. So my question to you is if any of you have waited while looking at the countdowm clock and what yoyo you were waiting for.


For the Chief, because they sell out really quick. Same with YYF mystery box.


I also watched H3X, just to see how fast it would sell out.


I watche the BvM2 for that reason.


For the last mystery box, I waited for that clock forever. Then when it was finally done, I spent almost three hours trying to actually get it. I did though. So it was worth it. 8)


I did that same thing, except my end result was not as satisfying… :confused:


The yyf pro packs a few months ago.


Second run Cliff so I could get a 28 stories. Still wish I would’ve gotten Jack Rabbit. And the mystery bag. Stayed up till 2 to get that thing and was greatly disappointed when I got it.


I once watched a countdown clock, to see what happened when it finished. It was rather underwhelming.


I remember when I first noticed the countdown clock. I was so amazed then I saw it finish and was a little diss appointed.



I’ll log in to my account for the store, load up my cart with anything else I want/need, and then wait for the countdown to finish. While waiting, I’ll have any special instructions waiting to be copy/pasted into the field. Once the countdown reaches zero, I refresh my browser, add the item(s) and then proceed to check-out ASAP.


First run EH’s went super fast. Tried to get one but the Internet crashed because it couldn’t keep up with it being out in the country and all. But got a second run!


I waited on a countdown to pick up my Jackrabbit Puffin, and oh so glad I did. Easily my favorite throw. I also waited on a countdown to get my Wrath. I didn’t get my first colorway choice, but I snagged one nonetheless. Unfortunately it doesn’t get much play from me, so I may be passing it along to another player soon…

(WildCat23) #14

Second run Code 2. If I remember the Burning Ember (Still the best looking of all the runs in that color IMO) sold out in like an hour or two (Pretty fast for a One Drop).


I feel like others were hinting at the yyf zammy Sig, and for that it was released at like 6pm and i watched it till then to see what it was. totally worth being late to work even if it was just a dv888