Countdown Timer for New Releases Should Go


So I don’t know about the rest of you, but the countdown timer that YYE does for new releases always seems to give me trouble. I feel like way too often there’s a new release that I want to buy, but then the counter gets down to zero, and the page just freezes there–there are no options to choose the color or to add to cart that come up. Even after refreshing the page, quitting and reopening the browser, trying all my other browsers, and trying all the other computers in my house it’s sometimes still stuck on the timer. So yeah, I honestly feel like the timer should go. Please post here if you’ve ever had trouble with this.


Just refresh at 1 second left. Always works for me. Never missed a release tbh.


Refreshing has always worked for me, too.

Opening in another browser MUST work, unless you’ve already visited the page with that browser. Without the cache “primed”, it is literally impossible for the timer to be stuck. It just can’t happen. That browser would have no concept of the timer ever having been there.


I agree with the refresh.

If you’re worried about getting something when they drop, here’s what I do:

Make sure you already have a store account. The store and forum are NOT related.

Have at least 2 computers watching the drop and logged into the store account. If one tanks, you got a back-up at the ready. Refresh when the timer stops.

If you’re shopping for accessories, do it on BOTH computers before the drop. The cart isn’t tied to your account, it’s tied the the cookies on the individual computer.

Add the desired items last, have your Paypal already set up right and move fast.