Could you SPR an X-con?

Hey guys I’m just wondering if you could SPR an X-con. I thought you could if you use the kid of tool to recess FHZ’s but use it to get rid of the boundaries in the bearing seat and put a certain size of SPR in the X-con. Could that work?

You’d need quite the modding skills. But it is posible.

Sure its possible but you will have to pay for it.

better question… why would you want to?

It has absolutely no need for a new bearing seat… or more wobble.


Well I was actually just wondering because my friend just got a drill and we were thinking that we could SPR it but, just to maybe widen the gap, create better spin times.

Well gap has little to do with spin time. Its the bearing and the rim weight of the yoyo and the characteristic of your throw.

SPR being?? I ask because its just good to know for future reference. :slight_smile:

Well yes I know that and my throw is consistent but if you SPR’d it so the bearing wouldn’t be sitting in the bearing seat, wouldn’t that make the gap bigger?

It won’t make your gap wider, it won’t make your yoyo spin longer… in fact you’re actually working backwards as you’d be adding more center weight, which is bad when you want extremely long spins.


Oh alright thanks guys.
Back to the drawing board…