Any Modders still about?

I’m wondering if there are any Modders still active that could:
A. Tell me about any mods possible on a YYJ X-Convict or Buzz-On Element X?
B. Do said mods for me (for money) if I can’t do them myself.

@pyrotechnic is still active

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@pyrotechnic you out here?

Also @yoyodoc you do any mods still? Or could you enlighten me about the two models in my OP?

Not many mods that can be done to the Xcon besides removing the O-rings and silicone. And the EleX depends on which version you have.


It’s a remix. Blue with black rings, if it matters. Brass… Spacers? Not familiar at all with that era’s terminology.

Element X:
the yo-yo was available in three variations: the original Element X (small bearing SPR), the Element X Remix (medium bearing SPR), and the Element X Playa (large bearing SPR).

The “brass spacers” are the SPR kit, basically the bearing seat and where the stickers mount. The SPR kit as noted above was used to enable the use of different size bearings in the same body.


That’s very interesting! Thank you! Was/is there an SPR kit that would allow for a C bearing and modern pads/silicone? Really wanting to breathe some new life into this bad mamma jamma.

Yes. The “Playa” is a modern C-bearing system that takes current sticker response pads.

Is your SPR recessed into the body or does it sit flush against the body?

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Recessed for sure.

I haven’t seen an SPR kit in any store for quite some time. Don’t think they are still available unless you can find someone willing to sell some.

From the yoyo wiki

Sizes The SPR originally was introduced in only one size, the large C bearing, but it now comes in three different sizes: large, medium, and small. SPR kits can easily be placed in most yo-yos that use bearing spacers to allow the use of a different response option or a different sized bearing than the yo-yo originally had. Buzz-On currently produces most of their own line of yo-yos with SPR spacers recessed into the sides of the yo-yo.

I have used the original SPR kit to make a C bearing version of a Spintastics Tiger Shark.

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Thank you again! A little bummed I’ll probably never find a kit. And the only Element X on the auction site is over $120.

Wow, I recently sold two of them, one for $30 and one for $35… :nauseated_face:
I thought I did good at that price.

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It’s new in packaging, so that’s a price hiker. Also a 2003 Nats limited edition.

Can I Dump Truck it? Fat Man it? Dual Wield it? What’s it called when you throw two bearings in there like some sort of savage?

That’s called beef caking.

Never knew they were that much in demand, even for new in package.

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That’s it! Is it… Advisable?

Better have an excellent bind… :wink:

At one point most C bearing yoyos had like a 3 to 3.5 mm gap. Then HSPIN came out with the G&E 4 with a 5 mm gap. For a lot of people it was unplayable at the time. It is admittedly more common now. I tried beef caking once and it never worked for me even with a well lubed bearing.

For what it’s worth, the HSpin Good and Evil 4 yoyo - Limited Save Deth Edition came out with a 4 mm gap version. It was well received. Before it was released I had already replce the original bearing in mine with a narrower bearing to make it 4 mm.

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