Cosplayers love yoyos.


One of the communities I am quite involved in outside of yoyoing is the anime cosplay community, and I used to frequent cosplay meet-ups around my area quite a bit before work life took over.

I got a chance to take a week off this past week and join up with a large group of cosplayers that I had not seen in quite some time, as well as some newer folks who are newer to our group. I realized that only two of the others in our group knew that I had some experience in yoyoing, while the others had no idea, so I decided to take out one of my yoyos and throw a bit for them. Needless to say, everyone got a huge kick out of it! And not just the cosplayers either, but the others around the area (Apparently, seeing Sailor Moon throwing a yoyo is something people have never seen before? lol).

I ended up letting everyone else try out my yoyojam kickside that I had with me as well.
I gotta say, seeing a young Roxas almost choking himself due to swinging a yoyo like a maniac is VERY entertaining.

Pretty much everyone ended up really enjoying it, and a few want to get yoyo’s for themselves. I really hope that some of them can stick with it, cause I don’t know about you guys, but seeing a bunch of Anime characters showing up to a yoyo contest would kind of make my day. :slight_smile:

We had a photographer take some photos of us, Ill post those once they’re up, but yeah! Lots of fun!

Any fellow cosplayer yoyoers here by the way? I’m curious!


I want pics of Sailor Moon yoyoing :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job sharing the yoyo love.


I used to b a huge con kid like 36 cons attended, have quit on it for the last few years.nvr a cosplayer though more of a tourney kid. Never thought of the reaction of con kids to throwing though. Kinda miss those days XD was one of the best DDR players ina tri state areaXD


You could dress up as Ness.


Great story, I was part of the anime cosplay community back when I lived in Florida but since I moved to the Bay Area, I still goto conventions and know alot of people, but I havn’t cosplayed as much. I’m not that good at yoyos though I only started at the end of last year.

These days I prefer going to Japan rather than conventions so I’ve recently started going there alot.


Does it count if I floated between multiple hobbies and did one thing at a time (serial hobbyist?)?

I had a couple of years with a small group on the (US) east coast. We were able to put together group costumes for Ranma 1/2, Bleach and Naruto before real life pushed us in separate directions.

Heh, it would’ve been fun to see our Kakashis “walk the dogs”. :smiley:


cons were the shiz, and ima hater on bleach XP but Ranma 1/2,watched it from like 5 years old to( would still watch it now)


Yea, Ranma is also one of my past cosplays, I definitely think that series is one of the greatest of all time.