I miss when yo-yoing was like this. When it was about fun tricks and neat concepts, before all this modern crap. Nowadays, all the kids do is just try to imitate famous yo-yo players and have “swag” with their play, their snap-backs, their sky top sneakers, all that crap. That’s not what it’s about, children. It’s about enjoying yourself with a toy. Everyone just wants to be fast and do well at contests and impress the public with their jensen or gentry type tricks, and to have the latest 150 dollar yo-yo. Look at what you’re doing.

Try to have some fun, that’s all I’m sayin’.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #2

haha ,wow :smiley:


what ruins it for me is the oldschool players hating on the new kids. it’s not going to make it any better to add negativity to this.

if you want it to change, be positive, not hating

if you don’t like it anymore, move on

my $.02


I dread the day when I realize I think the same about the next generation. I only have so long left…

Yes, thank you.

Overall, I yoyo because it’s fun. There’s no other real reason for me to. I’m sure for some there are others, but as long as the experience is positive I see no problem.

(laxdude99) #5

Alright but maybe did you ever think that might be fun for them, I mean just because a kid wears a SnapBack and some nice shoes suddenly he’s a poser and isn’t having fun. That is not true if he wasnt having fun he would quit a long time ago.

P.S. gentry and Jensen have some the best tricks around so why wouldn’t people try to learn them


You are dead wrong. Just because a lot of these kids can afford these thongs doesn’t mean they are posers.
Have you ever had the thought that these things ate what they want? The tricks that the pros do are awesome and I don’t blame kids for wanting to do them. Also who ate you to say what is fun for anyone else but you. You aren’t in their head so you have no idea. Another thing, why are you so worried about them? Go
throw and have fun yourself and let these life be who they want to be. It’s none of your business how they dress or who they throw like. Besides, who didnt you want to be like a certain person, be it an actor or pro sports athlete or maybe even a rock star? Please don’t say no because ALL kids go through it.