Cool ways to bind?

Does anyone know any cool ways to bind from the front or side?im using the basic for the front and a backspin bind for the front. Just wanted to see if anyone knew some other cool ways

Search binds on youtube.

Brett has some awesome ones.

So does rethinkyoyo.

Like this:

or this:

and many many more.

Just go through their channels.


and I was going to do a video similar to this. If I do, I’ll post it here.

if you ask me, gentry is the best. herre are some cool ones, so just see if you can get some of them. also try to search on youtube for pekka løvås yoyoing and you may find some cool ones there too. personally i love binds and think many of them can be cool tricks themselves. if you go to you can find a tutorial for the president bind. it’s cool as well!

My favorite, I just learned it from plank4God. It’s the presidents bind. YouTube it, it’s sweet.