cool things that happened on you birth date.


so i was wondering- what cool things happened on the day of the year you were born? doesn’t need to be the same year, just the same day. just list 3-5 of the coolest things that happened on that day.
I’ll start

august 3 1492- Columbus sets sail to “india” (which turned out to be america)
august 3 1914- Germany declares war against france- instigating the first world war.
august 3 1934- Adolph Hitler becomes Supreme leader of Germany.
august 3 1946- world’s first themed amusement park, santa claus land, opens in santa claus indiana.

also post famous people who have the same b-day as you.

Martha Stewart
James Hetfield
Tom Brady


On November 22
This is what happened
John f Kennedy was assassinated
the first pacific airmail happened
In 1986
mike Tyson became the youngest heavy weight champion
And finally on
1995 the movie toy story was released in theaters
There’s lots more that happened on my birthday but this is the interesting stuff in my book
And most birthdays that are on my birthday I don’t know who they are


The JFK assassination was not cool. Far from it.

Lady GaGa has the dame birthday as me.


Okay, obviously the assassination of a president is not “cool”. It is incredibly historic however and therefore worthy of mentioning. The fact that “Toy Story” debuted on Abby’s birthday, that’s really cool!

Richard Nixon resigned the office on President of the United States on my birthday in 1974. (and yes, I remember it well.)

Dustin Hoffman and I share the same birthday.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #5

I was born and the new standard for awesome arrived in the world! :wink: (It really doesn’t matter what jrod puts under his username, poor guy :’( just can’t compete)


Thomas Edison was born on my birth date. Nelson Mandela was released from prison after spending 27 years there on my birth date as well.


April 1…Its always April Fools Day. Haha.


gee, i’m sorry. :frowning:



The best thing that happened on my birthday was that I was born. :wink:

Also, it’s the last day of the year. :wink:


When I was born a Eagles running back was born. Which is ironic, because I’m a Giants fan.


Mine is April 29th

-President Nixon gets busted for Watergate scandal and announces his release of edited transcripts.

-UK royal wedding

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Frank Sinatra died the exact day and year i was born, my mom said the nurses were crying while they were birthing me because he died.

I think of it like this, I am the exchange for old blue eyes :stuck_out_tongue:


june 18, 1999. also known as fathers day! :smiley: