cool songs

Skrillex-breakn a sweat (Zedd remix)
DeadMau5-Ghost N Stuff
Skrillex Kyoto
Linkin park-Burn it Down

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Rush - 2112

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Daath- blender for a baby
Dying fetus- from womb to waste
Iron maiden- wasted years
Reinxeed- through the fire
Daath- sharpen the blades
Cannibal corpse- followed home then killed

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra - Radioactive People


This is correct. Very correct.

Linkin park is good. Dream theater and Jack White beats all.

Favorite Song for competition is Sunday School by Pretty Lights. BEST YOYO SONG EVER!

Owl city random stuff.

For me myself, uh… Let’s see… Stuff by Purity Ring, Sea Wolf, Snowmine, Matt Costa, Switchfoot, London Grammar, Dr. Dog, Modest Mouse, Passion Pit, Fleet Foxes, Vacationer, Cider Sky, Fitz and the Tantrums, Geographer, Discovery…

Lots of stuff. I would say more, but I’m too tried to write a novel.

Oh, but if you want to hear an absolutely amazing song, try this. It’s the only song that’s rendered me to tears. Really great sounding, and absolutely amazing lyrics and story. So chilling, really sad. I love it.

Zedd Clarity (Vicetone remix)
Avicii Levels (Skrillex remix)
Avicii X You
Passion Pit SleepyHead (Borgore remix)

Red- Take It All Away
Red- Confession
Red- Damage
Red- Breath Into Me
Red- Lie To Me
Red- Let It Burn
Red- Every other song they have
Thousand Foot Krutch- Bouce
’ '- Unbelievable
’ '- Hurt
’ '- All their stuff
Matisyahu- Jerusalem
Matisyahu- King Without A Crown
Disciple- Lot’s off stuff (Scars Remain, My Hell, Broken Wings, Shot Heard 'Round The World are my favs
Skillet- Bunch of stuff (I like Looking For Angels and Comatose best [I think])
P.O.D- Everything

Sorry for the long post. I thought I’d at a little bit of Matisyahu love for Legyoyo at the end.  :wink:

^ yah-ya! I love it! Music video was cool too! Thanks :slight_smile:

Eminem drake obie trice brahhhhh
Hate lil Wayne…