Contest: share your most "beat" yo-yo, win a new yo-yo! [ended 11/16]


Just doodles randomly picked. My art site


ahhhhh my first metal yoyo. When i received it I was so happy!!! i didn’t even realize that there was such a thing as a full sized yoyo, I just thought they all were small(lol). Needless to say I threw this thing over and over and over again… It traveled with me everywhere bouncing off of concrete, walls, and floors. I rarely play with it but it proudly sits on my shelf as a token of where I began.

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Is that a Dr. Smalls?

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My most dinged up yoyo is my Yoyofactory Shutter.

The Shutter was my first metal yoyo, I bought it for myself with my own money, which makes it even more special. I’d say it’s the yoyo which started my yoyo journey, I made my first original trick with the Shutter and learned many tricks online with it as well. I’ve had my Shutter for a year and six days exactly, and in that time I’ve taken it wherever I’ve traveled. Thailand, the United States, South Africa, India and more! It’s been well loved, used for who knows how many hours and has given me so much entertainment. The first ding I ever got on this yoyo was in a parking lot in North Carolina. I cried lol. Now looking at all these dings, I see all the memories I’ve made with my Shutter. This long scratch all around the yoyo was created by an airport janitor who decided that “walking the dog” on the marble floor would be a good idea. (I was waiting outside a bathroom and yoyoing. A guy working there wanted to give it a try… It’s kinda hard to say no when you have been told by your mom to stay outside the bathroom and you can’t walk away. Oof.)
I gashed out a giant chunk of metal at the bus stop waiting for my older cousin’s bus that was taking her home. Silly me yoyoing over some gravel resulted in scratches all around yoyo. The yoyo is a common colorway and model, but it’s unique because of the dings and marks which makes it priceless to me. A big part about yoyoing is great memories, and I think my Shutter definitely represents that.

Seattle USA :us:

Thailand :thailand:

South Africa :south_africa:

My Shutter is dinged, scratched and slightly vibey, but it still plays well and I use it often. Some people may see ugly, but I see loved. I’m so grateful for this yoyo, and it’s one of my most prized possessions.


Beautiful words. Your Shutter is like your passport. Now, continue the story about how in the world an airport janitor got your Shutter!

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Thank you. I was waiting outside the bathroom and yoyoing and the guy wanted to try it lol. It’s hard to say no when you have been told to stay outside the bathroom and he’s there :joy:


You have a kind heart!

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Haha thanks :joy: I didn’t really think it through at the time. :woman_shrugging:t4::joy:

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Cute story! I like the art too!


I wish I could enter this contest, but I dont have my most worn yoyo anymore. Back in 1998 (the very first week of school) I was sitting at lunch when a kid sat down next to me and had a black Yomega xbrain, seeing it I immediately wanted one. That weekend my dad took me to a coveted place of the 90s called KB Toys, they didn’t have a black one, they didnt even have an xbrain, but not knowing any better I settled for a green Yomega Xbrain wing, and I also got a black mamba. I took bith to school on Monday, showed my new friend my xbrain, and we both single handedly started the yoyo craze of the texarkana area. We both challenged each other with a new trick, what seemed like every single day. I played with that yoyo so much I wore all the writing on each side off and the edges looked like rats had started to gnaw on it. Then one day my dad shown me the newspaper and there was a VERY small yoyo contest being held at Albertsons the next Saturday. Myself and my friend from cub scouts who I also got into yoyoing went to enter, he chickened out, but I kept forward. There were about 30 kids there and it almost felt like how ash ketchum probably felt in his first pokemon battle. There were 3 levels to this contest, spin time battle, a trick list, and a final freestyle of favorite trick. I got 1st out of the spin battle, and my points from the trick list and freestyle gota tie for first, the other kid had what I remember as a tiger shark, he was my equal, so I was nervous. The tie breaker was to loop 5 times in a row, (crap, have an xbrain), so we took turns he went first and caught it, and the judge yelled freeze, so the kid didnt move, then I went, looked 5 times and caught it, the judge yelled freeze, so I did too. The judge then said ok hold your hands out at the shoulder, and said one 3 just let go. 1…2…3, we both let go my yoyo fell into a gentle spin and the other kid let go and it was revealed that his yoyo had a lot more access string than mine. I was the champion, I won $100 and a brand new Yomega Hyper, and that tattered and worn xbrain, my very first yoyo, won me my very first yoyo contest.


Final week!

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so I’m new to the whole forum experience but here’s my most beat up USABLE yoyo( the most beat up yoyo title goes to my yotricks sage which I thought would be a good idea to use for 4a) . This is my C3 Vapormotion, which was actually my first yoyo I bought on YYE. I got it way back last year and it was the absolutely best yoyo I had ever bought. I played with it almost everyday, while waiting at the bus stop, or during my free time when I got home, it wa just pure fun. Unfortunately, I also tended to make some pretty bad choices when it came to yoyoing, such as playing with it extensively under heavy rain, or other such things but around the same time, I was also learning about my string awareness, which led to countless hits on the floor and my noggin( One time, I even managed to hit my head while waiting in line to board a plane on a stop over in Germany because I was doing pinwheels without looking and all of a sudden it snagged and let go near my eye, so that was REALLY awkward when people turned their heads to look at me, and all they saw was a guy with a yoyo in his hand). So throughout the years, the yoyo kept getting many more dings and soon I decided it was a good idea to sand out some of the more sharper dings which were hurting me. I still use this yoyo to this day and pick it up whenever, because it’s still really fun to play with, as it’s so floaty and fast, and it’s my favorite yoyo to fingerspin with. Eventually the bearing became unusable but I replaced it with a Center Trac and it’s all better now. The yoyo still has a little vibe but it’s still usable and really good, and I will keep using it for a long time.

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What part of NC were you in? It feels nice to see a yoyoer come by here. As far as I have seen we don’t really have much of a yoyoing community out here where I live XD, but hey, it’s nice to see that another yoyoer has been in the state. Hope you had fun on your trip!


Great memories. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! and also thanks for your advice. It worked! I got the spacer off.


AWESOME!!! That makes me really happy! Glad you’re up and running!

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My magicyoyo N5 desperado. My first metal yoyo was a magic yoyo N12, i have ham hands and I over tuned it in like the first 2 days and totally stripped the axle. I thought long and hard about a replacement and settled for the N5. At the time I was new enough and not sure that I would take up the hobby long term, so I wanted to stick to very affordable as the first quality in a throw, and the N5 fit the bill at a whopping $10.95.

Funny enough I fell in love with the little guy. I carried it around pretty much every where. It was on me during a Holiday party at work where I convinced a coworker that yoyoing was actually cool. Until I moved to the Chicago area he was the only other yoyo-er I’d ever met in person, and I introduced him to the hobby.

This is the yoyo I had in my pocket when I went to see Brent Ozar speak, and he mentioned yoyos and started talking about yoyos randomly during a presentation on cardinality estimates. I jumped up and exclaimed that I had a yoyo and he seemed really excited about it. I stayed to speak with him after and he mentioned you, @codinghorror , were interested in yoyos too. I tried to show him how to bind, but I’m a crappy teacher, and he’s a busy man.

The gouges and scuffs around the edges are from trying (until moving on from) learning 5a. I would drop the bee sting or whatever I was trying to do and the yoyo would scoot off on the tile or the concrete or wherever i happened to be, skidding and making terrible noises. That’s why the scuffs go all the way around.

I’ve acquired quite a few more throws since then, but the N5 still has a place on my desk right next to my best throws.



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If my Replay was a metal yoyo it would take first prize as most beaten up :joy:. As it’s a Replay, nothing. Just a few rim scratches


Strong, eh? And @codinghorror is here with his lightning response. You see, he’s a looper…