Contest: share your most "beat" yo-yo, win a new yo-yo! [ended 11/16]

(Dylan Burry) #44

My submission is my aluminum Dream!

I know it’s not nearly as beat as some of the other submissions on here, but this one is pretty special to me. I had just gotten to yoyos about a month before I ended up buying this, I found it at a brick-and-mortar toy store that didn’t have many options as far as yoyos went, just a bunch of shutters and replays. I asked if they had any others in stock, and the owner pulled out this one and said he would sell it to me for $20.

I happily got it even though it already had a couple dings on it because that was an amazing price for a first yoyo, especially an aluminum one. Originally, I was kinda bummed about the dings, because it had some vibe and didn’t play “perfectly” (in reality, I was just bad because I was new.)

When I finally added my first ding to this (against the wall of my old bedroom) I realized that the previous dings were actually a blessing in disguise, since I couldn’t tell which ding was mine. After that, I realized that I could really let loose and open up with trying to learn tricks. I didn’t have to worry or care about damaging the yoyo, and it really helped me grow much faster than I normally would have. I’ve added about 8 dings/scuffs to this thing while I’ve had it, but it was my first yoyo and it means a lot to me, I still throw this thing regularly and it still plays great.

P.S. I haven’t been able to find ANY information about the “Las Vegas 2015” version of the aluminum dream, I’ve never seen another one of these things online before. If anyone has any information or trivia about this throw, I’d love to hear about it.


It’s funny how beat up yoyos look just peachy with a pretty, brand new string. Nice memory there, friend!

(Dylan Burry) #46

It’s funny you say that, that string is actually about 2 months old. Homemade strings last crazy long!


This is my Czech Point Pivot (CPP). There are many like it but this one is mine.

My CPP is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

Without me, my CPP is useless. Without my CPP, I am useless. I must throw my CPP true. I must throw straighter than my competition who is trying to defeat me. I must win the championship before he wins against me. I will…

Before the YYE forums, I swear this creed. My CPP and I are the throwers of the Magic Drop. We are the masters of the Shockwave. We are the fingerspinner to end all fingerspinning.

So be it, until throwing is universal and there are no more tricks to learn!

Ok ok…enough silliness.

This thing was beat to heck. I bought it in Germany years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since. I took it with me while I traveled to 19 countries in Europe and dinged it off just about every hard surface I could find in hotels, on promenades, in the subways…etc…

Fortunately all the dings were around the rims, and so recently I took some heavy grit sandpaper to it and filed down the burrs knicks and scratches so it was at least smooth and didn’t cut my hand on the return. As a result of course the paint was all worn away. The one day I was looking at some hand made Japanese steel kitchen knives in some fancy store in Switzerland and thought “whoa…damascus steel looks cool, I wonder what a yoyo would look like in that form?”

In any case obviously it’s too late to reforge this yoyo…but I thought I could get at least a pretty cool looking hammered edge along the rim…so I took a ball peen hammer to it.

I was certain that this would make it vibe like hell. But as a matter of fact this thing is a 10/10 smoothness. I love this thing. I take it everywhere…I’ve traveled with it, shared memories with it…play with it in front of toddlers so they can be entertained for hours…it’s my yoyo buddy. And frankly…I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

(Mash Mastar) #48

Where are you’s walking the dog at?


2 months! That is GOOD string!!!


Yeah definitely… The string in my pulse is also around two months old

(saule goode) #51

As soon as i saw this post, the first thing that came to my mind was my beloved velocity. Just three years ago I had recieved this yoyo that my interest in yoyoing began. This yoyo may be small in size but was all i needed to get yoyoing.
I first learned to properly throw on this very yoyo. I learned to throw and bring back a yoyo on my velocity. My first ever and I mean first ever string trick was done on this yoyo. it was on this yoyo that I progressed from a single elevator trick to a mach five.
I have no clue why but my 3 years ago self never wanted to throw a breakaway but this yoyo is the first one on which i did my first man on the flyng trapeze.
You guys may be wondering what happened to this yoyo and i shall answer you in a single word “5a”. Where I live, there was no yoyoing community and after some googling, my eyes fell upon the great style of 5a. When i say this i do not mean it as a joke, but i literally attached a carabiner to one end of the string and got to my 5a tricks.
Not only 5a but also one more tiny thing. This was the yoyo that my friends used. You guys probably know what I am getting at. One good throw, the yoyo hits the ground and Boom half the yoyo flies across the room.

I know that this post is a bit long, but this velocity even though it is tiny, holds lots of great memories and good times.
Thank you for taking your time to read this.

(Tyler) #52

So my most beat up yoyo would actually be the Replay Pro I keep at work, but it’s harder to see that it is all messed up, and I got that yoyo for just that reason.
My most beat up yoyo that I actually care about is my Shutter.
This was my first metal yoyo, and still my 2nd most expensive yoyo I’ve purchased. My girlfriend and I live together and work full time, but still often find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck, so to spend $55 on essentially a toy was a big deal for me. For the first couple months of having it, it never even left my house. Until one day I started to feel more comfortable, and thought “what the heck, it’ll be fine to take it with me.”
We went to my girlfriend’s parents house for the day and were outside on the patio, where I was also throwing. I failed a bind and instead of returning to my hand, it launched toward the concrete patio dinging it so hard conversations stopped, and I literally felt my stomach drop a little bit. I, stupidly, tried throwing it again after inspecting the ding, and proceeded to cut my finger open on the sharp protruding aluminum (good job me!).
Luckily, after a little research into dinging your yoyo (which turns out isn’t worst thing in the world after all), and using a super fine file and some fine sandpaper, I worked down the piece of metal sticking up to get it flush again. There’s a little bit of a divot there still, but this is still one of my favorite throws. And, now that I already dinged it, I’m not so nervous about taking it places. It’s since gained a few other scrapes and bruises, but I just look at it as some added character.

(Carlos) #53

I’m really amazed, man! I bought the Anne Connoly signature CZ Pivot and it wasn’t resilient at all - in fact I plan on buying another because a Mint CZP has such a nice finish and the purple/pink looks sooo good!

Super jelly about yours, I gave mine to someone else 5a, to use as a learning tool they weren’t afraid to damage, the other day.


Wow… Wheres the other half of the velocity???

(Carlos) #55

This is hilarious. I bought a Velocity an gave it to the first pushy 12 year-old who said “I could do that”, when I realized it was half-size for my humungous hands, and how tough it is to dial in the pads so its symmetrical. And 5a!

I love you man. I almost handed my Woofa on a freeweight to a littlr kid today at the dog park to try - but then I thought better and let him try my Deep State over some high grass instead. He failed recalling and immediately got bored. Disaster averted.


So this one might be older than most people here! It’s a very old school yomega that I still have from high school. In the last year I’ve gotten back into throwing, showing my daughters and my nephew’s trying to get them started. Well after showing my nephews at my parents place, the next time I visited my Mom pulled this out for me. I have no idea where she had it buried, but she found it and wanted me to have it. Brought up lots of great stories between my sister’s and I in how much I used to throw. Mind you this was in the late 80’s since I graduated high school in '91. So I may not have the most beat up, but it’s probably the oldest one on this thread!!


What a treasure with all the memories attached to it!

(Carlos) #58

I have been really struggling to get a smooth chained Meltdown exchange going, and I think I may have to update my Canon submission.

(squashedbanana) #59

This is my dear YYF Skyline. This was my favourite yo-yo for years. They don’t make them anymore. It was in mint condition, it was perfect.

Enter my 5 year old nephew…

My nephew loves yo-yos. He does tech string tricks; he just needs to add a sleeper to them.

He asked me to see my Skyline. I said ‘of course!’.

I should have known better.

He tries to throw a sleeper, outside, on ashphalt.

The string is as tall as he is.

My Skyline smashes right into the ashphalt, bounces again, and again, and again, and rolls some more.

My nephew looks at me, in sheer horror and guilt.

I look at my nephew.

All I say is, ‘It’s ok buddy, I love ya so much’

That’s when I learned that there are more important things than keeping your yo-yo in mint condition.

After a few years, the Skyline is no longer my favourite yo-yo.

But he is still my favourite nephew.

The End.

Artwork by: Jonathan McAdam (contact:


Great story. You kept things in perspective. Yoyos are just TOYS. Nephews are more valuable. Nice artwork!

(squashedbanana) #61

Haha thanks! Yeah I’ll be honest I did have to keep myself together in that split second, lol. I see you have some very nice artwork in your profile, did you draw that? This one was from a recovering drug and alcohol user that put his creativity into art. I’ll likely upload widescreen versions in my edited post.

({John15}) #62

My three-year-old son did the same exact thing to the yoyo in my profile picture, one drop mantis. The day I got it, literally 10 minutes after I opened it, I set it on the little table on the porch to go and get our youngest son who had tipped over in the yard.

I go pick him up and then I hear this bone shattering sound of a yoyo hitting concrete, I turn around and see my three year old holding the end of the string and the yoyo on the ground. Knowing that he did something he wasn’t supposed to, he rushed the string to me, dragging the yoyo behind him as he ran to me. Even more bone shattering sounds!

I couldn’t be mad at him though, he was just trying to do cool tricks like Dad.

What are you throwing in 2018?
(squashedbanana) #63

Haha, I mean, sorry for laughing. Great story, I know the feeling. I also now know why they call damage to a yo-yo as a ‘ding’, because that’s the sound it makes when it hits the ground!