What are you throwing in 2018?


Definitely not a Freehand MG…Too wide.


Yes? I can’t see it yet i must use 10 characters.



(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #656

Still haven’t played one of those. Someday hopefully.

Mantis and Marquis today for me!

({John15}) #657

Love the Mantis! (It’s my profile pic)



({John15}) #659

the Mantis is made of 7075 AL, so it more or less just got scuffed up. My son wasn’t very tall, and he didn’t actually throw it into the ground, So there wasn’t any deep damage.

The n12 I entered in the contest is much more beat than my Mantis. It’s actually got craters in the rims!


This takes most of my throw time :slightly_smiling_face:


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Today’s duo


Going to try some old school.photo P1000426_zpsghakvttl.jpg


Nice, looks like it’s in much better shape than mine and a black holster? Excellent!


The General
5 :star: Japan edition


Thanks Grendel. It’s in pretty good shape and has the black holster. My brother has been trying to get that holster off me for a while. But , they go together.


I’m new at this and don’t know if my replies are on the forum or I should respond by email. So, thanks. My brother has been trying to get that black holster. But, they go together.







my 5000QV is my go to throw lately, really loving it. I also have a OD SK that will be mailed to me later this week I can’t wait.



Your doing fine! Keep it up!