contest routine

i will be shortly entering my first contest! :smiley: i have no idea how to prepare and arrange my 1A or 5A freestyles.HELP

  1. Take all of the tricks you know and perfect them so you can do it 10 out of 10 times

  2. Find a good way to transition in between tricks. For example, you are doing the last part of your front style (in a split bottom mount.) You do a ripcord, then a slack double or nothing, then the first part of cold fusion, this leaves you in a 1 1/2 mount. This seems like a lot, but that’s because it IS a lot. With 5A, there are so many ways to get into vastly different mounts very quickly & smoothly, but you first have to find them

  3. Get confidence. Practice in front of a mirror. AND also have good stage presence, you’re graded on this.

  4. Find out what separates you from everyone else, mainly in your style or specific tricks. What made Yukki Spencer win the worlds was his incredibly new, fast, and complicated tricks. If you don’t have anything special, you may want to reconsider going into a contest.

  5. Make sure your hands don’t sweat. It ruins a lot of tech, slack, and whip tricks.


my hands are sweating just thinking about competing… :-[