Contest in Sacramento California

I have been working on Organizing a Contest in Sacramento Ca.
One that would potentially have a high value cash prizes for both divisions 1st - 3rd, probably much more then it would cost you to get to Sacramento and stay the weekend.
It would be sanctioned by the AYYA and count towards the points race.
It would be a traditional format with two Divisions, 1a and X.
It would have Vendor Tables.
It would be at a location within 20 minutes of the Sacramento Air Port.
I am looking to get this worked out in time for the 2009-2010 YoYo season.
It would be during a vacation break so it will not interfere with most schools.

I have some of it worked out on Paper, and have begun talking to venues to get a details and plans put together, but I need a few details to give to venues and potential sponsors. Main thing I need is an idea of how many people would attend.
Would you attend? Would you compete?

I’m about 2 1/2 hours away. It depends on the date if I could go or not, but if I did attend i would def. compete.

I’m about 2 hours away. We are planning on going to Sacramento some time soon but we’ve never been to the area mentioned.

Do we have to spend the time overnight? If not then I would definetly compete. I start school in the August. Keep us posted and thanks for this!

~Spin On!


You said it’s about twenty minutes from Sacramento Intl Airport. Our Supermarket is SF Supermarket and It’s about 26 minutes from Sacramento Inl Airport-SMF. If that’s the Airport you’re talking about then I might be able to make it.

I might too if I visit my cousins

tentative… Might be at Old Sac in March

March! Sweet, I might go for my B-Day.