1st annual spring fling yoyo meet here in so cal.
Saturday May 18th, 11:00 to 3:00pm.
fun, food, and throw with our team and friends!
special deals, b-grades, etc.
small contest and prizes too!
19650 blacksmith path
corona, ca. 92881

Mark your calendar 8)


Cool beans! Wish I lived in Cali :’(

Hope you get a good turnout, sounds amazing!


Awesome! Hope a lot of people go! Too bad I don’t live anywhere near California. God Bless - Moefv

(JustisEvans) #4

im going


It’s a little far for me. I thought I’d check it out on mapquest.

38 hours 5 minutes / 2520.86 miles :wink:


I can probably make it!


Man I wish I could make it, stupid scout campout.


I don’t live far from there, I might be able to go for a bit, I work later in the day, but this sounds cool!



Doing my best to be able to make it, trying to get my friend to go as well.


Arrgh! If only you lived in the valley.


Never mind that! I cant wait! What time is the contest going to be at? I really want to enter, but i am going to get there around 1.


Won’t be able to go. :confused: