Big Meet and Big News! Cocoa Beach Florida March 28th! READ!

Hey Everybody!

Just wanted to send out an invite to the meet on Thursday March, 28th in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  We will be meeting in the Gazeebo at Ron Jon Surf Shop between 4pm and 8pm.

In addition to the meet we will be holding a “String Trick Ladder” contest, using the tricks off the National Yo-Yo Contest page.  You can copy and paste the link below to see the official list.  A tie will be broken with a “Loop Off”

Duncan Yo-Yo’s have been gracious enough to donate some amazing prize packs, including some of their higher end metal yo-yo’s.

Also to add a little twist to the “Ladder Contest” the playing field will be evened out as everybody will be required to use a Duncan Pro-Z with Mod Spacers which will be provided at the meet up, feel free to use whatever string you want though!

The Contest will start at 6pm.

Can’t wait to see everybody, please respond and let us know if you will be attending so we have an idea of who to expect!

i wish i could make it but i don’t get out of work until 6.
sounds like a blast though… maybe next time.

It’s two weeks away you should try to get that day off.

haha i couldnt get a day off even if i was dead. This place needs me to bad currently to ask to leave an hour early let alone take a day off… bloodsuckers… lol

Anybody here gonna make it out?

Wish I could but I have school. If I didn’t have school I would definitely go! I live in Miami and I have family that lives up there! God Bless - Moefv

Quick announcement! There will be a special guest Duncan Crew member at the Cocoa Beach meet up and ladder contest tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll post here later today!

Clue: tomorrow is his birthday!

Yooooooo Central Florida!

I’m totally in town hanging out with Dano! Cant wait to hang out with you guys tomorrow at the Cocoa Beach meet & mini Contest. I’m bringing some sweet Duncan swag that you can win so you better get to practicing!

Cant wait! See you tomorrow at Cocoa Beach! 8)

Wish i could make it. To bad its not tomorrow… Hope it warms up a bit for you guys today.

Shout out to everyone that made it out! It was a blast!

I just uploaded some photos and results from the meet/mini contest and they can be viewed here:

Well damn. I didn’t know there was an event in Cocoa. That’s damn close! Melbourne Thrower here.