Contemperary Slimlines like the old school Duncans

I was wondering if there were any contemporary Slimline style Yo-Yo’s out there like the old Duncans.


I already have the Nebula, it is a great Yo-Yo for Loop The Loops and I was able to Loop it well over 300 times. It is even funner with a Raider Bearing, it was the first Yo-Yo I can say looks exactly like a Flying Saucer when you do UFO. :smiley:

I have one called the Peter fish luminator. I guess I have an old one since the current luminator is a wing design

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but:

ILYY Trvth:

This is the only one that springs to mine as readily available on YYE. The Tom Kuhn SB series are definitely worth checking out as well if you can find them. :slight_smile:

those old professionals are reeeeeeally slim. great loopers though.
honestly though, modern loop tricks integrate longer sleepers than those designs tend to allow for.

the adegle macaron might be the closest thing right now.

i find the loop 1080 to be a much better looper, but you may not find it to feel slim enough. and if you’re looking to do responsive 1a tricks with a thin yo-yo, i’d agree a tom kuhn sb-2 would be a great way to go. easy to find though they aren’t presently in stock at yoyoexpert.

The Loop 360 is a tad bit slimmer than the 1080. And they are super inexpensive.