Contacted by a Cub Master.

I opened a pm today and read this.


I am a Cubmaster of a Cub Scout Pack here in OKC. recently, our school experienced a huge popularity in Yo-Yoing. I really support this and want to have a demonstrator come to our next Pack meeting to excite the kids and encourage them to keep practicing their skills."

He tried to find someone from Duncan to demonstrate but it just didn’t happen. There is no one in this area from duncan so…

He ended up reading my bio here and realized that I may be able to help.
I am soooo stoked about this. Brad and I will be going to his cub scout meeting on april 7th to have a little fun with these kids. I am hoping that this will encourage many kids and parents alike. This is just too awesome and we can’t wait.

Yay for persistance.

That’s great news! I am a middle school teacher and a merit badge counselor for the boy scouts in my community and I’ve been seeing a lot of the same thing here among my troops and my students. It’s got to be a great opportunity to demo for the kids. have fun!
If anybody would like to demo for the kids at the yoyo club I run here in Martinsville, IN (about 45 minutes south of Indianapolis) PM me, I can send more info.

That’s great! Maybe next year you could come up to Wichita for another one. :wink: Have fun with it!

Congrats Icthus.

Sounds awesome! I wish that would happen here… In my school though :smiley:

Great oppurtunity Icthus! Glad you took it!
Its always great when someone does something like this.

Well that was a blast. I actually had brad do all of the demonstrating. Then we taught them some stuff afterwards. Great times. There ws at least 20 kids with yoyo’s. Mostly mosquitos, Duncan Reflex’s and a few with loopers. I can’t post too many because of the kids faces and my responsibility to their parents but here are a few.

I will say that a lot of the parents were confused by what Brad was doing. They didn’t know yoyo’s could do that. lol

Lucky. :luck:

Lucky for what?

Wha… Nevermind.

Having somebody else do all the work. Ha.

Congratz Casey! Seem to be your lucky week eh? :wink:

That is super-awesome man. Really. I know you’re a great guy and all, but it’s rare to find people that are so generous with their time. Good on ya.

My time cost me nothing. So I give it when I can. Thanks for the responses. It made them feel good which in return made me and Brad feel good. Spread the word people!!!