Considering a Tom Kuhn "Fat Cat"

I like the look, the shape, the string gap looks fairly sizeable…but considering the time frame it comes from it can’t be truly unresponsive…but that may be ok.

Just looking at how you might recommend this throw based on

  • Responsiveness. I’m completely ok with responsiveness akin to a Duncan Freehand, which (for me)
    balances responsiveness and unresponsiveness very well. If the Fat Cat is equal to, or MORE
    unresponsive than a Freehand, I’ll be ok with it.

  • Stability. I like a yoyo that - assuming good throws, of course - is among those that are better able
    to remain untilted, etc… My Phenomizm and Majesty are perfect examples - they just tend to stay
    lined up and straight better than many of my other throws.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have!

Personally I don’t care for the shape. And unless you’re buying a “previously owned” model at a good price, that’s a lot of money for that yoyo unless you’re a TK collector.

Gotcha on the above. My concern right now is to learn more about the 2 questions I mentioned so I can come to a good price/value ratio for myself concerning the Fat Cat.

I think you will find that with this yoyo that feel with just not bee there. This yoyo was designed 20 years ago… Once I went responsive and had gone back to my SB2. It was like night and day… The TK stuff just does not play like you would hope. Hope that helps.

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I see… I didn’t realize that it was 20 years ago. So, it sounds like it will be a step down from the Freehand, and in more ways than I may have thought.

Thanks -

Without having thrown the yo-yo I can say with relative certainty that you won’t find stability comparable to that of your other high-end metal throws. However, its play is likely to be very similar to a Freehand in terms of response, likely a little more responsive.

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