Connor Scholten on YoTricks!


Has anybody else heard the news? Connor Scholten is one of the instructors on now! I had actually never heard of him until today, but I like him! The only thing that kinda stinks is that it sounds like he will only be doing 2A and 4A tutorials. I hope I am wrong…I want 1A tutorials from this guy. I don’t do 2A at all, but I do a little bit of 4A. But I have to practice 4A outside, and it is getting hot down here in the South, so I haven’t been doing it as much as I did in the spring, LOL.


2A is difficult and it needs more tutorials. It will still be hard though.

4A has a lot of tutorials, but more is always good.

(rizkiyoist) #3

I know Connor Scholten as a 2A player so it’s natural for him to make the 2A tutorial. Since there aren’t many 2A and 4A tutorials even up till now, that will be really nice.
1A tutorials on the other hands are too many already…


I know, but YoTricks makes SUCH great quality tutorials, and all the advanced 1A tutorials are right at my skill level. I want more!


I thought I was one of the only on here that like yotricks. There videos helped me a lot when I first started and they still help me.


I like their tutorials. They’ve been a very valuable resources for me to learn tricks. Between that and YoYoExpert, I’ve done most of my learning between videos of those two sites.

After that, RethinkYoYo and HighSpeed YoYo were key to getting me started. I’ve broadened my scope quite a bit, but I will look to any resource that has a tutorial because I never know which one will cnnect best with me.