conglomeration #1

this is my first trick post. :slight_smile:

conglomeration #1 can also be known as : “WHUT? a bhuddas kwijibo is stuck in the matrix!” ;D

tricks you’ll need to know:

Bhudda’s Revenge,
The Matrix,
and at least part 2 of 3 of And Whut.

it goes like this:

first, you do 1-3 repetitions of the matrix, then feris wheel from the double or nothing out to a trapese.
second, you pop the yoyo up into a kwijibo mount.
third, just like in kwijibo, you’ll un-cross your arms, but dont recross them. this will leave you in a 1 1/2 mount.
from here, do 1-3 repetitions of bhudda’s revenge.
fifth, you throw the 1 1/5 mount over as if you were going to do another bhudda’s revenge, but then throw it over again and continue into doing the entire second part of the three parts of “And Whut” (here’s the video:

now, from there, you’re done and you can just pop it from trapeze’s brother into a trapese and bind out, or…
you can do part 3 of 3 of “And Whut” and that is a cooler lookin’ way of finishing my trick.

(heres part 3 of 3 for “And Whut”:


Those tricks really do fit together!

I came up with it myself!
i took a few of my fav. tricks and threw them together in a fun, smooth way.

more to come!