confusion about YYSL tubes

I have tried searching for this and cannot find an answer. I feel stupid asking this, since it seems to be common knowledge, but I keep reading that YYSL ammo tubes are designed to allow you to easily remove one string at a time and I cannot figure out how this is designed to work. Are people just cutting into the tip of the tube in order to pull one out at a time, or is there something I’m missing? Otherwise, it just seems like a fairly usual bunch of strings wound up into a tube.

You take the cap off, take a single string, stuff it back in there, and close it. While not the best method, it at least keeps you from having a wad of string taking up half of your desk.

Yup, just echoing what’s been said. The way they’re packed into the tube, the knotted end of all strings is at the top. Grab one, it easily slides out.

I like it!

Ok. I do agree that it’s nice have something to keep them contained other than just a literal wad of string. It’s definitely a nice touch for the packaging.

The tube works fantastic for taking out 1 string without the rest getting tangled, it is really clever. Still can’t stand it, I’ll take my little plastic baggies of string that are easy to store in my yoyo cases, thanks.

I noticed none of you guys mentioned something fairly important. Some of the tubes are packed pretty snug. Especially the shorter Venom tubes.

Once you remove the top, the best way to keep everything from coming out is simple. First, identify the string that looks easiest to grab. Kinda like when you’re eating a bunch of grapes… One grape always seems like the next grape to pull off the stem. Once to pinch a string and get no more than an inch out of the tube, you use the thumb of the hand holding the tube, to cover most of the hole. Leave just enough space between the inner edge of the tube and the outer edge of your thumb, to allow the single string to be removed. That way, the other strings won’t come out with the one you are pulling. That way you get one string and the ends of the other strings stay right at the top, for the next string pull. If you just jerk out one string and the others follow, then you end up stuffing the remaining strings back into the tube.

You notice when you first open a full tube, that all the ends are right there at the top of the opening. That is right where you want to keep them.

If you limit the movement to the string you are pulling, it will keep the other strings the way they were packed(pretty much).

Other wise you just end up with a bunch of string stuffed into a tube and defeat the whole purpose they are packed so well.

I think the String in a tube idea is simply amazing…


Exactly, just grab one of the knotted ends to pull out while holding the rest in with your thumb. The first time I did it down to the last one, it was like magic.

Now i really want to know how you do it, so i can use my extra tube and do it on my own!

I use my tubes for storing extra bearings and response pads.

I like the tubes as well but there sooooooo spendy