Completely flush side effects possible?

Wondering if One Drop has ever considered trying to design a yoyo and side effect system that lays completely flush? Might be require a slight rethink, but seems entirely possible. The Yoyojoker EX system uses discs with O-rings that use friction to lock into the yoyo, leaving a flat surface. Combining that, with the side effect bearing post system, would be amazing.

Ultralights lay flush, and side effects do use o rings in a similar fashion

Well i guess technically they lay flush with the conical protrusion, but certainly not with the hub. I suppose you could make the body extremely thick to make them flush, but that would be heavy and terrible.

I want this aesthetic:

I think the point of the protrusion is so every side effect fits. They are made so they are all interchangeable

With how they do the current system you would have to raise the area around the system or have a very wide se. Both would add a lot of center weight, unless something lighter than aluminum was used.

Shorter axle? Then they don’t need to be as long (the actual se).

Edit: clarifying

The Side Effect o-rings only serve one purpose: hold the Side Effect in place while screwing the yoyo together. They do not assist in locking the Side Effects - taper friction is the secret sauce for how it works.