Complete! For now....

(J. Lev) #1

That beaten up Free Rider may not seem like a very big deal to you. To you, it may just be a “whatever.” To me, however, it is a very important thing. However, this Free Rider is 326 days in the making. Allow me to explain.

This all started with a string. A blue Highlight, ordered from YYN with 99 other strings of the like. I wanted to trade it. After some time, I received an offer for my blue Highlight,

A blue Speedmaker. That then was shipped off, in exchange for:

That Blue/Green freehand Zero. Wow, all of this for just one lonely blue string? I know, crazy! But wait, there’s more! That was then shipped off to Canada, in exchange for…

A blue Spinfaktor HG. Whoa. The first HG I ever played. Pretty snazzy thing. However, for the sake of my project, that disappeared as well for…

A White Hitman that for some reason I don’t have pictures of… (But it was used in my video “Undercooked Bottom Years.” That was quite the player, but in return for that I got…

BAM! A red Speed Dial. Almost all-metal, and red. Red is the best color for a yoyo, everyone knows that! That stayed with me for a very long time, until a few weeks ago. Then, in the mail, I received this:

Wow. All of that came from one string. Pretty fancy stuff, eh? I think so :slight_smile:


Thats Sick! I love it :wink:


Congrats on the highlight project man! I was just thinking of it on Sunday! Congrats.

So its still going on?


Are you kidding, I gotta try this, how did you make trades? Over YYE?


Over YYN (SORRY) and other BSTs… YYE wasnt even up then…

(J. Lev) #6

I’m taking a break from all trading for awhile. And buying. Wanna really get in tune with my collection. For now, its sleeping.