Competition throws?

I am looking to start competing but don’t know what would be a good throw. Does it really matter what yoyo I use as long as it has a center trac bearing? How many do I need? What string is the best to use? What is a good bearing? Thanks for advance!!

Why do you think you need to use a center trac bearing? You can use absolute whatever you want. The world yoyo contest has been one on a stock free hand zero, and It’s been won on a tricked out Anglam. The player is what makes the performance, not the yoyo. You can use whatever you feel most comfortable with :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for attributes that make a yoyo good for contest, speed and stability are the two big ones. Good cheap ones to look at are the YYF Shutter, YYO Hatchet 2, and Rebellion Butcher. If you have a higher price range, CLYW Scouts are about to release, and they’re definitely something to look at.

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I second the Scout, it’s my favorite yoyo! It definitely doesn’t get as much hype as it should, or at least as much as CLYW’s other new releases like the Orca.

 How do you know they're about to release the scout?

They announced it on social networks and their website.

And i thought i was the only person who felt this way! If you don’t have a Scout, get one!

Compete with whatever you are most used to.

If I were you, I would buy an irony jpx, a Tre, or a sentinel for competing. Ctx bearings are the best. So maybe but some ctx.

Saying CTX bearings are the best is kinda misleading. A lot of people would argue that Terrapin X bearings are the best. A lot would agree that YYR DS bearings are the one true performance bearing. A lot of people just like normal flat bearings. In the end, It’s still all about preference.

thats just in my opinion. I don’t really use ctx but I use trifecta. I’m just saying that because to me they play the best