Competition grade...

I currently am looking for a great competition grade yoyo as I am currently training for MA states 2011/12. I probably won’t win, but it’ll be fun. I am considering a Y-factor, Bassalope, Addiction v2, a spyy pro,an 888x, an NVX and an ILYY Fury.

I can use all these yoyo’s just fine, however, the best would have these options:

  • Consistently tight binds, no slippage
  • Large gap but not too large to avoid sloppy binds
  • Fast and small to allow easy maneuvering in and out of tough places
  • Smooth, stable and has a nice finish for grinding

Modded Lyn. I know it is a plastic but it can take alot of harm and the play is nice.

Why not your Hatrick sir? GO GENERAL-YO!

Any Bassalope with one side fowable silicone and the other nide a Duncan Silicone sticker.

Y-Factor fits your preferences perfectly. Their really, really smooth, stable, long spinning, nice grinding finish, super tight snappy binds, undersized, and fast. :wink:

I could get a hatrick, from a foreign place though… :’(

Y factor

Hatricks are awesome GO GO GENERAL YO!