Compare Yoyos to Cars

What if we compared yoyos to cars?

Duncan would be Toyota
YYJ and YYF is Honda
CLYWs are Porsches
Peak, however, would be Lambourghini
One Drops are like Cadillacs

That’s all I can come up with. Anyone else?

If we’re going by brands I think there should be a few changes. I’ll go with what you’re saying about Duncan, YYF, and YYJ. CLYWs are pricey, like a Porsche, but they’re more of a designer brand and they’re fairly common. I think they’re more BMW or Mercedes Benz. If someone was going to be Lamborghini I think it’s a company like Oxygene. Very expensive designer throws, also Italian made. :wink: I don’t know though!

Turning Points as Ferraris. Also, it doesn’t have to be by brand. DM2s as Corollas.

butterflies are fixie bikes.

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CLYW Chief- 1960’s Mustang Convertible

I feel like these need to be separated, how about
YYJ is Honda
YYF is Ford

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Yyf is jeep
Clyw is land rover

Popstar = Prius

Mighty flea is one of those Smart cars.

One Drop=Nissan

Why Nissan?

OneDrop and FHZs fit the Jeep image because they sport little flair and present modification options later down the line.

I see CLYW as Subaru. If the peak was anything other, I don’t see it as a Lamborghini. Maybe an older air cooled 911. There are better performing yoyos out there, but it’s the feel and rarity that attract people to it. Also, I see the FHZ as an AE86 Corolla. Sleipnir is a GTR. Absolute Japanese performance monster to the point of having a predictable machine-like personality

C3 is a rolls royce

AE86 is one of my favorite automobiles. I know, I know.

Duncan= Toyota
YYF= Audi (might be high to some of you)
c3= moserati
turning point= Porsche
one drop: Lamborghini (im a fan :))
general yo: rolls Royce :wink:
Chico yoyo co.: BEST CARZ EVA X1000 (im not from Chico or anything…)
YYR: I woke up in a new bugatti