Company Hype

So what company do you think does the best job advertising their yoyo and making you want it? Or creating the most hype? I’d have to say CLYW. They do the best job ;D. If they made a promo video on the Duncan Butterfly I’d be dying to get one lol.

Yeah definitely a tie between clyw and OneDrop.

I would say that clyw might out way onedrop a lil bit but they are both awesome company’s.

It’s not really hype if it’s true.


Good point

But it’s hype until proven true…

On an unrelated matter, I heard the puffin 2 floats in the air until you tell it to go back down. 8)

Yoyofactory. They sponsor so many events around the world as well as do various demos at tons of schools recently. I’ve got to hand it to them for promoting the hobby!

lol looks like it worked on you then.