Community yoyo trick

I have been out of the yoyo community for a while I think near three years. I don’t know if this has been done before or not but has some one posted an idea they are working on for a trick and let the yoyo community help finish. By this I mean adding to it if not I would like to try it I have an idea I am working on now that I would be willing to upload to see where it goes from there.

Well this has been done before,72725.0.html Its kinda similar to what your thinking but that kinda died off a few months ago so starting something new would be nice if your interested in doing that.

well lets try it I will post a video up in another post and show the idea and then we as a community can work on it for about a week taking other videos and picking the best add ons and then at the end i will put it all together and make a tutorial for the whole trick

What would be fun : you start with a mount (2 or nothing) then someone else add something,and someone else add another thing and it goes on until the trick takes 45 sec average to complete

well 45 seconds is along time considering most freestyles are 3 min long how about 7 seconds

well then there will not be much poeple involved into 7 sec of tricks