Come to London if you can (and try the NVx, Gorylla411, 2-3 protos and more)


Since the launch of the HSPIN NETWORK I have supported our team members in the US or travelling to the US to attend the World Yoyo Contest and IYYO New York. This time, I want to do something for the Europeans in our team.

On November 28/29, a bunch of probably 6 of Europe’s best yoyo players and HSPIN NETWORK members (see below) from 5 countries will meet in London for a chill-out, relax, chat, meet two days weekend. We’ll try new releases, try prototypes, discuss future plans, do photo shoots, a lot of filming… and we’ll have dinner, party, spend time together. If time permits, then there may be room for a meal at our place.

Anamorphic will help with the filming/editing and Corli will help with photos! So expect world class material.

While the hotel rooms I booked are already full, if you can make it to London, do come for some fun in the evenings. Daytime is already quite packed with program unfortunatly.

Would be great to see many of you there,